Welcome to our School Blog!

Welcome to our School Blog!

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Green Flag

Our Green Flag committee is a group of children from St Josephs NS, Woodford who over the school year try to help the school to appreciate and respect the environment.
This program takes place in primary and secondary schools all over Ireland.
During this program we compete in an art competition and learn about ways to improve our environment but the best part of being a child in a green school is earning the green flag at the end of the year and hanging it outside our school.
We currently have 5 flags and we’re working on our 6th. The flags we have are:
1.Litter and waste.
The flag we are now working on is Global Citizenship/ litter and waste. This flag not only involves the school but it also involves the community. We are very excited about this flag and hope we earn it.

                              Lauren & Ava 6th Class.

Our fifth Green Flag flying proudly outside our school!

Water Conservation in Woodford NS:
1. Remember to turn off taps properly.
2. If there are any dripping taps this should be reported to the green flag committee.
3. Use a basin when washing when washing paint brushes instead of leaving the tap running.
4. Use a basin when washing cups instead of leaving the tap running.

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